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An update about Rust Latam 2020

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Hello community,
We were monitoring the situation with COVID-19 closely in the past weeks and having some internal discussions about the situation. It is with heavy hearts that we inform you that we decided to cancel Rust LATAM 2020.

It was a tough decision for us to drop all the hours of work our small team dedicated to make this conference happen, but the health of our community is our first priority.
We hope to see you again on our next Rust adventure in Latin America!

Take care you all and stay safe.

The Rust LATAM team

Hola comunidad de Rust LATAM,

Hemos estado monitoreando la situación respecto a COVID-19 muy de cerca en estas últimas semanas y teniendo algunas reuniones entre los organizadores. Con mucho pesar queremos informarles que hemos decidido cancelar Rust LATAM 2020.

La decisión tomada fue muy difícil, luego de tantas horas de trabajo invertidas por este pequeño equipo, pero la prioridad uno es la salud de nuestra comunidad.

¡Esperamos verte en nuestra próxima aventura con Rust en América Latina!


El equipo de Rust LATAM

Olá comunidade Rust LATAM,

Nós estávamos monitorando de perto a situação do COVID-19 e discutindo internamente nas últimas semanas. É com muito pesar que informamos que nós decidimos cancelar a Rust LATAM 2020.

Foi uma decisão difícil deixar para trás todas as horas de trabalho que nosso pequeno time dedicou para fazer essa conferência acontecer, mas a saúde da nossa comunidade é prioridade.

Esperamos vê-los em nossa próxima aventura com Rust na América Latina!


Equipe Rust LATAM

About Rust Latam

Rust Latam Conference is the Latin America's leading event for and by the Rust movement, and one of Rust community's largest annual networking opportunities.

Two days of conference will offer interactive sessions, hands-on activities, and engaging talks to bring together 200+ passionate advocates, developers and enthusiasts of the Rust Programming Language from around the world. People and ideas from the Rust Latin America community will leap off the screen to learn, discuss, debate and address Rust in person.

Our second Rust Latam Conference is happening in Mexico City.


UNAM School of Engineering
Circuto Escolar 04360, C.U.
Coyoacán, 04510 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Messico

The venue for the conference will be the most prestigious engineering school in Latin America and one of the top engineering schools worldwide: UNAM School of Engineering.


The ticket sale will open soon and will be an online sale only. Attendees cannot buy tickets offline or at the conference. Tickets will also be personal and will carry your name. There will be different prices; we encourage companies who pay for their employees attending the conference to actively support us ("business ticket"). However, no matter the ticket price level, everyone will enjoy the same conference content.

We will announce the ticket sale opening on our social channels, so stay tuned!

Our Sponsors

Rust Latam 2020 is also made possible by our generous sponsors

For sponsorship inquiries, check the available packages and feel free to drop us an email: we will work out the details together!


The official Call for Proposals has opened, submit yours at

UPDATE: the Call for Proposals has closed, thanks for all the submissions! The team of judges is at work on selecting the talks and workshops that will make it to Latam 2020.


Workshop will be held at the Centro de Ciencias de la Complejidad (C3) de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

The schedule for workshops will be announced at a later stage.


For any question or doubt don't hesitate to contact us

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