Sponsor packages

Rust Latam is a community-driven event but the contribution of sponsors is always fundamental.

If your company would like to help make the conference happen, here’s a list of our sponsorship tiers. If you feel that none of them suits your needs, please reach out and we can work out together a custom solution.

You can also download our sponsorship brochure.

USD 1,500
USD 3,000
USD 5,000

Have your identity on our website and during the conference

Includes all the Bronze level benefits

Includes all the Silver level benefits

Be mentioned in the pre-event emails

The first 4 sponsors in this tier will have their visual identity included in talk videos during streaming and in the conference t-shirts and badges

Have a bigger space sponsor booth in the exhibit area

Get in touch with us!

Be recognized in the conference opening

Opportunity to provide swag to be added to the conference swag bag

The first 2 sponsors in this tier will get a 5 minutes talk on stage to present their brand and products

Be recognized in announcements and on social media

Sponsor booth with banner** and limited space in the exhibit area

Media** about your company running on a TV / monitor during the conference

1 free attendee tickets

2 free attendee tickets

4 free attendee tickets

* To be provided by sponsors.
** To be provided by sponsors, to be shipped to venue on the day before the conference.
*** A table with space for 3+ team members to distribute goodies, flyers and present the company and get the participants a chance to get in touch with the team.
Prices excluding VAT (if applicable). Free tickets must be redeemed before the conference.